Yangluo Wharf

Wuhan Jianghaigang Logistics Co.,Ltd.

Wuhan Jianghaigang Logistics Co.,Ltd. is an important part of “WuhanXingang". The project is located in the Xinzhou District of Wuhan City, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River on the left bank of Yangluo waterway, and at upstream side of WISCO Jiangbei base dock.The project has been  divided into three construction term with a total investment of RMB700 million.We plan to build 2 general berth of 5000 tons and the designed capacity annually of 2million tons.It will become modern logistics district with highway, railway and waterway .The project  is match with the overall planning of Xingang ,Wuhan, which occupies nearly 300m of river shoreline of the Yangtze River .

At present, the project is under construction.