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Hubei Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd

Hubei Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd is being established through the reshuffle of former military enterprise: Hanguang Electron Device Factory, which was directly under the former Ministry of Electronics Industry.

In 1968, the enterprise as a national third-line construction projects, was founded in northwestern Hubei mountains: Huazhuang Town, Nanzhang County. In 1987, approved by the third-line Office of the State Council, the factory moved to Xiaogan City, Hubei Province. In 2006, according to the requirements of the provincial government and provincial SASAC(State Asset Regulatory Commission), the factory transformed into Limited Company. The registered capital is RMB 150 million .

After more than 40 years of steady development, the company gradually developed from a single manufacturer of military electronic components into military and civilian combined, multidisciplinary integrated manufacturing enterprise.

Hubei Hanguang Technology Co., Ltd is not only a key enterprise making electronic vacuum devices, but also one of high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province, being a implementation units of a number of national Torch Program, the state key new product plan commitment, research and production of military electronic equipment manufacturing units. In recent 4 years, the company has undertaken 12 national research projects, of which five have been well done and passed inspection, seven are being implemented.

The company is capable Of developing and producing vacuum electronic devices, lighting products, electricity electrical equipment and electronic equipment, owning precision machining, special ceramics manufacturing and other systems supporting production capacity, being accepted as national second level qualified metrical unit with superior apparatus for metrological and tests purposes.

Hubei Hanguang Technology Co.,Ltd. had won a variety of scientific and technological achievements more than 40 issued by major Office of the State Council, national ministries and the provincial government, and 18 products produced by the company filled the national gap, 6 hit provincial high-quality products. Making a significant contribution to the country's key projects - Beijing Electron Positron Collider Project, high-power klystron and pulse modulator produced by the enterprise was awarded the National Prize for Science and Technology, the state of major technical equipment, the first prize and the State Council Prime Minister's Commendation. In 2009, the company was awarded the honorary title of “significant contribution Participation Unit” for Beijing Electron Positron Collider Upgrade Project.

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