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Huitong group won two awards

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  From May 19,2014  to May 20,”THE FIRST ENTREPRENEURS ANNUAL MEETING OF CHINA STEEL INDUSTRY IN 2014”is held in Beijing. The annual meeting is organized by China Metal Materials Circulation Association, the association of small and medium-sized metallurgical enterprise chamber of Commerce, Minmetals  E-commerce Co.,Ltd and Jiulong Steel Logistics Co.,Ltd. We were assessed as grade AAAAA enterprise and become one of the first batch of fifteen 5A grade enterprise in China. We also won the "2013  China steel sales fifty strong enterprise" honorary title in this meeting.

  These two awards are the approval for the management of our company.All the Huitong people are proud of it.

  "Huitong steel E-commerce platform " won the 2013 prize in the E-commerce innovation practice