Social Responsibility

Our company believes that enterprises and society is a  community which closely related and with mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit. With the rapid development of the national economy, enterprises play a role of promoting the development, and the entire economic and social status also promotes the development of enterprises. A balanced and stable society is conducive to the development of enterprises, and enterprises  has the responsibility to maintain social stability and balance. Therefore, our company has always pursued the aim of  " derived from society,  repay the society". We adopted a series of positive action in poverty alleviation, education and disaster relief etc. Specific performance include:  donated more than RMB1million to build Huitong  welfare apartments for the elderly in Guangshui city,  and send them nearly RMB100,000 for free every year;  participate in the "Guangshui dream project" for 8 times,  with funding of nearly 1000 poor students to school;  donated nearly RMB100,000 to Wenchuan, Ya'an, Lushan and other geological disaster area ...... Huitong always pursues "low-key life, high-profile work" principle, to contribute our strength for the harmonious development of the society!